The statements from people from the different organisations and backgrounds document how diverse “Church on Equal Footing” is. The network thrives on the commitment of such dedicated individuals.

“Church on Equal Footing is a matter close to my heart. Only a church that overcomes boundaries has a future!”
﹣ Bendix Balke
Pastor of an intercultural Church (in Bad Kreuznach)
Bendix Balke coordinated the work with international churches at the church offices of the Evangelical Church in Germany from 2018 to 2020.
It is part of the DNA of evangelical youth work in Württemberg to bring people together. Despite all their differences. Decisive is trust in Jesus Christ – not origins or cultural background. So I am glad that the EJW is part of "Church on Equal Footing"!
﹣ Cornelius Kuttler
Director of Evangelical Youth in Württemberg
“Church on Equal Footing” is a project of hope, inspiring people with or without an international history to create a homeland together. I hope that this will contribute to diversity, not only visible in society, but also increasingly in the hearts of churches.
﹣ Lilav Hannan
Former Regional Advisor on Intercultural Work with Girls and Women in the EJW
The “Church on Equal Footing” network reflects my vision of the Church I hope for. We are not just aware of one another, but also appreciate one another. For me, that is true fellowship in and with Jesus Christ.
﹣ Dung Bich Nhi Dang
Student at the Church University of Wuppertal/Bethel
My identification with "Church on Equal Footing" is based on a shared longing. I would like to encourage today’s Church, with its landscape of diversity, to advocate by word and deed a shared understanding of Church without attributions of colour, nationality or “race”. This is what I stand for. This is the future as I see it.
﹣ Steve Ogedegbe
Pastor and Coach at the Himmelsfels Community
I have been involved with Church on Equal Footing ever since the beginning because people from other cultures are a great enrichment for local people and because intercultural encounters have to be sought and organised proactively.
﹣ Horst Engelmann
Director of Worldwide Mission, Forum Wiedenest and Coordinator of JesusUnites

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What is "Church on Equal Footing" for you, Denzel?

What is "Church on Equal Footing" for you, Myo?

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What is "Church on Equal Footing" for you, Reinhold?

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