CHURCH ON EQUAL FOOTING is a fascinating network of organisations, associations and churches across church groupings. One question is close to the hearts of all its partners: how can we as a church live interculturally in the future?



Broaden horizons


How can we escape from a mostly monocultural church life? Would it not be amazing if today’s church reflected the colourfulness and wealth of languages and cultures promised us for the end of the age? A Mission Statement was formulated, putting into words the heartbeat of “Church on Equal Footing”:


Living interculturally as a church
The world is at home in Germany today.
God calls us from our limitations into a new worldwide fellowship in our local area.
We acknowledge that we are brothers and sisters and receive one another as a gift from God’s hand.
We learn to structure our fellowships together in all matters.
In this way we experience church as a foretaste of heaven.

Church on Equal Footing is a Germany-wide network, rather than an association or organisation. At the biannual meetings which so far have taken place in the form of “strategy workshops”, we experience one another as a fellowship in encouragement and mission, inspired and bound together by the Holy Spirit.

We are convinced: for a “CHURCH ON EQUAL FOOTINGl”, you need people with burning hearts, but also knowledge, skills and courage.

We are therefore developing practical projects for all three of the above-mentioned areas.

How will
achieve this?

Who is involved?

Evangelical Church in the Rhineland – congregations of different languages and origins

Akebulan e.V. Berlin

AK Migration and Integration of the Evangelical Alliance

Federation of Evangelical Free Churches

Hanoverian Association of National Church Communities

Evangelical Church of Westphalia – Office for Mission and Ecumenism

“Hoffnungsträger” Foundation e.V., Leonberg

United Evangelical Mission, Wuppertal

Mission Mosaik, Frankfurt

Liebenzeller Mission

Evangelical Youth in Württemberg (EJW)

Federation of Free Evangelical Churches

Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD)

Peace and Reconciliation Network e.V.

Foundation Himmelsfels

Jesus Unites

Evangelical Salam-Center e.V., Weissach i.T.

Arab-German Evangelical Congregation (ADEG), Hanover

International Evangelical Fellowship Wuppertal

I have been involved with Church on Equal Footing ever since the beginning because people from other cultures are a great enrichment for local people and because intercultural encounters have to be sought and organised proactively.
﹣ Horst Engelmann
Director of Worldwide Mission, Forum Wiedenest and Coordinator of JesusUnites

What do people say?

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