Practical Projects

We are convinced that for a “Church on Equal Footing” locally, there must be people with burning hearts, but also with knowledge, skills and courage.

We have developed practical modules for all three areas.

  • Digital inspiration: almost 40 churches and initiatives under intercultural leadership can be found on the Map of Encouragement. They convey a new church image, colourful and transcultural. There are also portraits of churches in the form of video clips. Ideal for discussion groups, church services and events.
  • Leadership skills: we have developed an intercultural training programme: Born for More. Volunteers from different backgrounds will qualify to lead groups, Fresh X and camps. This training concept has gained considerable momentum in evangelical youth work over the last 15 years. born for more is the intercultural variant of this – suitable for adults too as “Equal Footing” calls for self-confidence, e.g. in the case of young refugees. The six-month local course programme is practical “leadership development”.
  • Intercultural awareness: how can churches and organisations find the way out of their comfortable monocultural “bell jar” so that people and Christians with another language and national background are included in a concrete manner in everyday life?
    This is where global local comes in: a powerful, diverse 40-day programme with ideas for individuals, groups and circles, church services and events. Local representatives are transformed by means of a global local process. After the six weeks the world looks more colourful. Intercultural offers become more of a matter of course. global local was launched in October 2020 and runs until autumn 2024.
    An animated 120-second clipshows what this 40-day project is all about.
  • Real inspiration: a central location for “Church on Equal Footing” is the Himmelsfels Community which has lived as a “Church on Equal Footing” for years now in Spangenberg (near Kassel). In the first week of August a camp for young church pioneers takes place, internationally and interculturally. These “International Youth Summer Camps” are a workshop for new forms of church and a hotspot for inspiration.

Map of Encouragement

Online map * Introduction in nine languages * Ca. 40 initiatives and churches * all led interculturally. *“Encounter on equal footing” between local and migrant Christians * Video clips and photos show how this looks practically.

Born for More

Training group * meets for 4-6 months * training on the job * Learning leadership practically * Migrants and locals * develop personal strengths * give it a try * take on responsibility *

global local

40-day programme * Ideas for Sunday, for events, for groups, for individuals * Podcast, videos, practical plans * Germany-wide project until 10/2024 * intercultural encounter locally * ongoing broadening of horizons and intercultural awareness

Internat. Youth Summer Camp

50-100 young adults, most with an international biography * Himmelsfels near Kassel * first week in August * unity & diversity in praying, singing and dancing. * Workshop for fresh church forms * Heavenly gardens as “outposts”

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