Here are the current partners of the network “Church on Equal Footing”. We are an open network.  Interested organisations, associations and churches are welcome to contact us. There are no members, but much inspiration, commitment and trusting relationships.

Currently the network meets twice annually for two-day strategy workshops which are professionally moderated. Other platforms are planned in future as an introduction. There are also many partners who are involved in subprojects.

The statements of people from different organisations and backgrounds document the broad diversity of “Church on Equal Footing”. The network thrives on the commitment of such dedicated individuals.

National level

AK Migration and Integration of the Evangelical Alliance

Jesus Unites

Foundation Himmelsfels

Peace and Reconciliation Network e.V.

Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD)

Federation of Free Evangelical Churches

Liebenzeller Mission

Federation of Evangelical Free Churches

Regional level

Evangelical Salam-Center e.V., Weissach i.T.

Evangelical Youth in Württemberg (EJW)

United Evangelical Mission, Wuppertal

“Hoffnungsträger” Foundation e.V., Leonberg

Evangelical Church of Westphalia – Office for Mission and Ecumenism

Hanoverian Association of National Church Communities

Evangelical Church in the Rhineland – congregations of different languages and origins

Local level

Akebulan e.V. Berlin

International Evangelical Fellowship Wuppertal

Arab-German Evangelical Congregation (ADEG), Hanover

Mission Mosaik, Frankfurt

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